LABBS is one of three barbershop-singing organisations in the United Kingdom, and the only purely-British organisation for female barbershop singers. Our members love to sing and we take every opportunity to share our love of barbershop and our passion for harmony, wherever we can. Since its establishment in 1976, LABBS has grown to have over 50 clubs and over 2000 members who are located up, down and across the country from Cornwall to Scotland. The choruses vary in size and are made up of women of all ages but at the heart is their shared love of singing, friendship and being part of a modern and dynamic association.

LABBS holds an annual convention in late autumn. This is an exciting weekend, packed with competitions for both choruses and quartets and shows with talented performances from the best of barbershop across the UK and barbershop organisations around the world. Representatives from our organisation also compete with success at a European level, and travel to showcase our best talent in Europe and the USA. Our choruses and quartets are frequently involved in competitions and shows around the UK and representation from our top choruses is commonplace at the finals of BBC3’s Choir of the Year and at the International Eisteddfod.

Now operating as a registered charity, one of the key objectives of LABBS is to provide regular education for our members to continue to grow and develop in the craft of barbershop and harmony. This is offered through regional education days, national quartet weekends and many other events, which all aim to increase members’ knowledge of barbershop and to raise performance skill levels. LABBS’ Education & Judging Committee is integral to this and is made up of experienced members of the association. They are also internationally-qualified judges for regional, national and international competitions.

At a local level, all our clubs and quartets are active in their communities, putting on their own concerts and singing for local organisations and charity events. If you like to sing, want to meet like-minded women, and want to be part of our thriving and exciting organisation then why not find a club near you and join in the fun!

2015-2016 sees an incredibly exciting year for LABBS as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. A plethora of special events, including our national competitions will be taking place alongside special anniversary celebrations. One of these events, the Beacon of Harmony, sees the ‘Beacon’ in the form of a scroll, travel to each of our 50 choruses in the UK over the course of the year. Each chorus will have two members sign the scroll before it is passed to the next chorus. The Beacon will also contain a barbershop tag for the choruses to learn, sing and record themselves doing so which will be put together to form a LABBS Virtual Choir.

The ‘Beacon’ started it’s journey at the 2015 Convention in Bournemouth in October 2015 and will make its way around the country before arriving in Harrogate in October 2016 for the 2016 LABBS Convention.

This blog will follow the journey of the ‘Beacon of Harmony’.

To submit your chorus write up and photos for the blog – please send them to socialmedia@labbs.org.uk



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