LABBS 40th Anniversary Clothing

Message from Alison Harbord, LABBS Special Projects Director:

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, LABBS are offering an opportunity to purchase LABBS 40th branded clothing.

The items available are white or navy t-shirts in ladies or mens sizes, or navy hoodies in a unisex adult or childs sizes.

In order to road test these before spending our hard earned money we have had samples of the items made and have worn them for a while, washing, drying and ironing them to ensure they are the best quality we can get for a very reasonable price which is being passed straight onto you – it is not our objective to make a profit through this activity.

The spreadsheet link below contains two tabs with all the information you will need to order including sizes and pictures of the items – please read the notes on the process first and then complete the order form.

40th Clothing Order Form FINAL

In order to make this as efficient as we can, we will only be able to accept one order from each club or one from each CAL member who should order individually – unless it is more convenient to club together locally or be part of an order from a nearby chorus.

I am pleased to say that the suppliers have offered to post parcels directly to one club contact. These will arrive with you sometime to be confirmed in September. The cost of the postage is dependent on the number of items ordered but is only £10 for up to 72 items – further details are stated on the information sheet and order form. If you wish to avoid a postage charge or are only ordering a small number of items, they can be sent to me and available for collection from my house in Stockport (at a mutually agreed time) or at Convention where they can be picked up from the registration desk.

Please ensure that your orders are returned to me before Sunday 26th June 2016 at the latest or they will not be able to be fulfilled.

These items are ONLY available for pre-order and will not be available to buy elsewhere or at convention.

If you have any questions please contact me, Alison Harbord (specialprojects@labbs.org.uk)

Many thanks.



One thought on “LABBS 40th Anniversary Clothing

  1. Fabulous post and please do email me (Alison) if you need any more info – can I just also clarify that the examples shown here are test samples and the final clothing articles will NOT have the writing on them – they will just be the 40th logo. Thanks


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